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Funko Vinyl SODA: The Nightmare Before Christmas - Sally (Black Light) 12,500 Limited Edition (1 in 6 Chance at Chase)

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Does he love her, or does he not? Sally wistfully holds a flower stem as she ponders Jack Skellington’s feelings. This Vinyl SODA figure appears in vivid colors that are designed to shine brightly under black light. Only 12,500 of this figure have been made, and there’s a 1 in 6 chance that you could find the chase of Sally in alternate pink and purple coloring while holding a jar of deadly nightshade. The vinyl figure is approximately 4-inches tall.

Condition/Collector Notes
Funko SODA can show minor paint or packaging imperfections. Funko does not consider these defects. While we strive to deliver the best condition, we cannot accept returns due to minor flaws or minor package damage. Thank you for understanding.