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MEDICOM TOY: BE@RBRICK - Series 43 (1) Blind Box Figure

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Bearbrick Series 43 was released by Medicom Toys early 2022. Bearbrick Series 43 is featuring 21 designs (6 secret designs) and each Bearbrick is 3" (7 cm) tall. 

It features designs from Terminator, Alfred Hitchcock, Cobra Kai / Karate Kid, Batman Hush, Gremlins, Gelato Pique, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Care Bears and many more!

This Bearbrick Series features 11 different themes, which are constant from series to series: Basic, Jellybean, Pattern, Flag, SF, Cute, Animal, Villain, Hero, Artist, Secret.

  • Series: BE@RBRICK Series 43
  • Manufacturer: MEDICOM TOY
  • Material: Made of plastic
  • Size: Approx 2.7" inches tall