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Boglins - Dark Lord Blobkin 8" Tall Foam Monster

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From the Bogologist Field Guide (4th Edition):

"Blobkin and Bog-O-Bones haunt the No Bog Lands in the valley of Doom. No Boglin dares to set hand or tail there on purpose. 

So treacherous and evil are these two that they are known to steal small Boglins and carry them off the Valley, a very inhospitable place filled with dread and woe.

That's why every Halloween young Boglins stay indoors and leave carved pumpkins on their door steps to try and trick Blobkin and Bog-O-Bones into stealing their Jack-O-lanterns instead of them!

The Jack-O-lanterns are often filled with sugary candies that send Blobkin and Bo-O-Bones into fits of laughter which can be heard for miles around the Bog.