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Bandai: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - DX Nichirin Blade Agatsuma Zenitsu Prop Replica

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The TV anime [Kimetsu no Yaiba], [Kimetsu no Yaiba DX Nichirinto ~ Gazuma Zeni ~], which contains 26 types of dialogues and sound effects that appear in the play, is now available!

With the new gimmick [Sword-drawing action], you can enjoy the breathing of Zenitsu Agatsuma's thunder with action.

By changing the blade and scabbard, the sound and play will change, and you can enjoy playing in 4 modes: [Thunder breathing mode], [Sword-drawing mode], [Sword-drawing mode], and [Sword-drawing mode].

The main body is about 61 cm in total length, and the blade has a lightning effect.